15 Tips to Visit Las Vegas When You’re BROKE AF!

Once we realized we could get free rooms, drinks, and comps in Las Vegas, it became our guilty pleasure getaway. Since we could easily road trip there from Phoenix, we started taking advantage of these budget-friendly trips to the Las Vegas strip … a lot!

How To Visit Las Vegas on a Budget

In this information-packed video, Jordan and I cover the following 15 Las Vegas tips for saving money, getting free rooms on the strip, and other ways to spend as little money as possible. Watch the full video to learn all the details.

  1. Using Casino Rewards Apps;
  2. How to get free drinks on the Las Vegas strip;
  3. How to get the cheapest transportation around Las Vegas;
  4. The cheapest locations in Las Vegas;
  5. Free activities on the Las Vegas strip;
  6. Where to find discounts and coupon codes for Las Vegas;
  7. How to book your Las Vegas strip hotel to maximize rewards and comps;
  8. The benefits of Las Vegas casino loyalty programs;
  9. Why you should call down to the casino host before checking out;
  10. What your first Las Vegas trip can do for future stays;
  11. How to find the best machines in Las Vegas;
  12. The cheapest time to visit the Las Vegas strip;
  13. How to pay less for Las Vegas nightclubs;
  14. Tips and tricks to get cheap buffets on the Las Vegas strip;
  15. Cheap food delivery that beats strip food prices.

We wrote a blog post within the description of this video to provide more information on how to effectively get freebies from the casino rewards apps, MyVegas and Wynn.

What do we normally spend in Vegas?

What we didn’t cover in this video is what we actually spend while on the Las Vegas strip. Of course, our costs change drastically depending on the length of the trip, but it boils down to a few main things:

  1. Food/Water: We normally eat one buffet per day and one meal from UberEats or something cheap on the strip. With the buy one, get one or free buffet MyVegas rewards, we can keep the buffets down to $20 or less per person, per day. We can easily spend just $10-15 per person on the other meal. To stay hydrated, we try to pick up free waterbottles while gambling, or find a local Walgreens or CVS to buy gallon jugs to take back to the room.
  2. Drinks: We might pay for one drink during Harvest Hour at Bellagio during our trip because we enjoy going there. Besides that, we don’t pay for drinks while in Las Vegas. We sit down and play Jacks or Better video poker (with perfect strategy) or “penny” slot machines to get complimentary drinks.
  3. Hotel: As we mention in the video, we always get free rooms while in Vegas. The only cost that comes with these “free” rooms is the resort fees. This can range from $30-40 per night unless we are getting free rooms at the Wynn or Treasure Island, which allow you to opt out of those fees. Doing that means we won’t have internet or access to the pool, gym, and a few other areas of the hotel.
  4. On-Strip Transportation: To cut down costs, we walk pretty much everywhere. We’ll save some time by taking advantage of the free shuttles like the one from Bellagio to Aria or Mirage to Treasure Island. The Las Vegas monorail is another great option for cutting costs, especially if you’re staying at the Westgate or near the Las Vegas Convention Center. Recently, we also discovered the app, Anyride, which finds the cheapest option for Uber/Lyft with all the coupons/discounts available. (Download Anyride for iPhone. Download Anyride for Android.)
  5. Gambling: We aren’t huge gamblers. We give ourselves a small budget for gambling while we’re getting those complimentary drinks. We also choose to play Jacks or Better because it has some of the best odds in the casino if using perfect strategy. On an average trip, we usually come out about even.
  6. Tips: This is probably one of the biggest portions of our budget besides food and lodging. In Las Vegas, it’s customary to tip just about everyone from the housekeepers to cocktail waitresses. Jordan and I spend $10-50 a day on tips alone.

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