Our BIGGEST FEARS about Mexico (Before & After Living Here 15 Months)

In January 2018, my boyfriend and I decided to leave our lives in the US to travel through Mexico. Based on everything we’d seen on the news, we had certain fears about Mexico. Now that we’ve been living in the country for 15 months, what scares us now is totally different.

If you’d like to see the full video, you can watch it on YouTube here.

Is Mexico REALLY Dangerous?

What you hear about Mexico on Facebook, Fox News, and all over the web is that it’s filled with cartel violence, kidnappings, murders, and drugs. These outlets lead you to believe that if you leave the comfort of an all-inclusive Mexican resort, you’ll be murdered, no doubt about it.

So… is Mexico really as unsafe as they say? We went against some of our better judgments to travel across the country and find out.

What we quickly realized is that we’d been lied to. Sure, some of the terrible things the news talks about do happen in Mexico, but it’s not as widespread and prevalent as they have you believe. (Insert our sighs of relief)

Our Fears About Mexico: Then & Now

In this Mexico video, we share our fears about Mexico as they formed and changed throughout our stages of travel and life in Mexico. These stages include:

  • What scared us before traveling in Mexico;
  • What still bothered us after we crossed the border and through the first month;
  • Our fears while living in Mexico up to the 6-month mark; and
  • What still freaks us out about Mexico to this day (15 months later).

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