Navigating Food Restrictions: Understanding Food Allergies

Before diving into this series, I’ll explain why you should care what makes people change their eating preferences. For that matter, why would anyone need to know about food restrictions or food allergies if they don’t have them? You might be ready to make some changes yourself, or maybe you have a friend who is … Read More

Navigating Food Restrictions: How To Substitute Eggs in Vegan Baking

Let’s be honest, eggs really do most of the heavy lifting in recipes. When you’re first learning to cook and bake without them, it can be a bit challenging. With so many egg replacement options out there, what’s going to work for each recipe? How do you do it? This guide will help you substitute … Read More

Navigating Food Restrictions: Vegan Protein, Vitamins, and Calories

You’re gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan: How do you get enough vegan protein? Aren’t you vitamin/nutrient deficient eating that way? How can you eat enough calories? These are the most common questions about the protein, vitamins, and calories of my vegan and gluten free diet. Protein First, I’d like to address two misconceptions here: 1.The amount … Read More