Navigating Food Restrictions;

a twelve-part series

(New Article Every Other Saturday)

The reasons behind changes in diet are endless, and sometimes it can be overwhelming when you feel like you don’t have all the answers. This twelve-part series, in response to some of the most commonly asked questions, will be a guide toward a healthier, plant-based lifestyle that won't compromise flavor or hold you back.


These articles will be equal parts how-to, personal life experiences, and advice:


  1. Understanding why people change their eating habits.
  2. Some variation of: What do you eat now? What’s left to eat?
  3. How do you get enough protein? Aren’t you vitamin/nutrient deficient eating that way? Protein, Vitamins, and Calories.
  4. How to eat plant-based: .
    1. Part 1: How to Substitute Eggs in Vegan Baking
    2. Part 2: How to Substitute Wheat/Gluten in Baking
    3. Part 3: How to Substitute Dairy in Vegan Baking
  5. Isn't eating that way so much more expensive?
  6. Isn’t there (insert food) in everything? How do you know if something has (insert food) in it?
  7. How to recognize sources of gluten, dairy, soy, etc.
  8. I would never be able to give up (insert food). How do you go without those things?
  9. How do you eat out?
  10. Does it take a long time to prep/make your meals? How do you eat when you’re rushed/on-the-go
  11. I don’t have any food allergies/sensitivities. Why should I eat healthier?
  12. If you’re not allergic to soy/sugar/corn/artificial sweeteners, why don’t you eat those?