Is Mexico BETTER than the United States?

If you’re like most people in the US, all you hear about Mexico is that it’s filled with drugs and violence. After living in Mexico for over a year, we can safely say that’s not the case. Is Mexico better than the United States? As shocking as it may seem, we now prefer Mexico over the USA.

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Mexico vs. the United States

For those who have never physically gone to Mexico, it can seem like a scary and dangerous place. In all honesty, Jordan and I thought those things might be true, too (before traveling in Mexico). After all, when all the US media has to say is that there’s constant cartel-related violence and other dangers in Mexico, it’s natural to make those assumptions.

We went against our family’s warnings to stay out of the country and started traveling in Mexico to see for ourselves. It wasn’t long before we realized that the US news stations all but lied to us. We aren’t going to sit here and say that there’s no violence or danger at all; it’s just nothing like what the media leads you to believe.

There is just SO MUCH to love about Mexico. Moreover, after living in the country for over a year, it opened our eyes to all the flaws of life in the United States.

Why We PREFER MEXICO over the United States

To keep things balanced, we also made a video talking about the other side of the coin. Find out our BIGGEST REGRETS about moving to Mexico.

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