REVERSE CULTURE SHOCK | Returning to the USA after living in MEXICO

After spending a year living in Mexico, we returned to the United States and, to our surprise, experience reverse culture shock. We couldn’t believe how many aspects of our familiar US culture seemed so unusual to us now.

If you’d like to watch the full video, see it on YouTube here.

Americans Return to the United States

Two Americans experience reverse culture shock after returning to the US after a year living in Mexico.

When we Jordan and I first started traveling in Mexico, each day was filled with unexpected culture shocks. We were finally putting our new Spanish skills to work (and often failing miserably). The food was new and different. Day-to-day customs seemed confusing to us. Honestly, it was quite the process to acclimate to the Mexican way. Even after a year, we’re still experiencing culture shocks when we go from city to city in Mexico—we expect that!

What we didn’t expect was the REVERSE culture shock of returning to our home country. Of course, we figured some things would seem a little different with the passing of time, but those once-normal aspects of US culture? Not so much. Some of the once-normal aspects of US culture really caught us off guard. From clothing to restaurants to language, there was a lot about the United States that didn’t seem so commonplace anymore.

Reverse Culture Shock!

From Mexico to the US, this is what two Americans experienced when we returned.

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