Meet Sharing Every Bite, The Gluten Free and Vegan Food Blog

Sharing Every Bite, the Gluten Free and Vegan Food Blog

Well Hello! Welcome to Sharing Every Bite

At the core, I focus this gluten free and vegan food blog on original, plant-based recipes that insist healthy food can also taste delicious. (And make you feel great!) The recipes focus on using wholesome, unprocessed, allergy-friendly ingredients.

(I also have allergies to onions, peas, and sesame seeds, so you probably won’t find much of those around here. You can learn more about me and my allergies here.)

In 2014, This Gluten Free and Vegan Food Blog Was Born

Since then, some pretty amazing and unexpected things have happened with the blog itself and me (Britt), the creator.

  • I’ve produced almost 300 original gluten-free and vegan recipes (and don’t plan on stopping there).
  • Working on Sharing Every Bite has given me the courage to travel all over the world in search of new cultures, languages, people, and, of course, delicious food.
  • I’ve had the pleasure of being hired three years in a row as a Food Stylist for Dole (yep, like the bananas).
  • And I’ve been able to help die-hard carnivores fall in love with plant-based food as a chef/caterer of weekly “Clean Eats” company lunches. (Hopefully, the same goes for the people who discover these recipes online and try ’em out at home.)

The Future of Sharing Every Bite

Is anyone else STOKED about the blog’s new look? Yasss!! A ton of work has gone into making this happen, and it was totes worth it. With this undertaking completed, I’m excited to go on (and post more) travel adventures. Plus, I’ll be diving into best practices for living a healthy lifestyle. Stay tuned for stories and advice on heavy metal toxicity and food allergies/restrictions.

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