What NOT to do in LAS VEGAS

You can have an unforgettable time in Las Vegas, Nevada; OR, you can end up hungover, broke, and having a terrible trip. To be honest, it’s surprisingly easy to have a bad time in Las Vegas if you don’t have some tricks up your sleeve. Here’s our guide to avoiding the biggest mistakes in Las … Read More

After Living in Mexico, do we Miss the United States?

After living in Mexico for 15 months, we finally made a trip back to our old stomping grounds in Phoenix, Arizona. Seeing our family, friends, and lots of familiar elements made us wonder, “Do we miss the United States?” There’s a lot we love about Mexico but traveling to Phoenix made us realize what we … Read More

What Two Americans LOVE and HATE about Mexico

Mexico quickly won our hearts as we traveled across the country to dozens of cities and states. After 15 months of living in Mexico, there are just some things we have a love/hate relationship with. These are some of the things we love and hate about Mexico. Watch the full video on YouTube here. 9 … Read More

Our BIGGEST FEARS about Mexico (Before & After Living Here 15 Months)

In January 2018, my boyfriend and I decided to leave our lives in the US to travel through Mexico. Based on everything we’d seen on the news, we had certain fears about Mexico. Now that we’ve been living in the country for 15 months, what scares us now is totally different. If you’d like to … Read More

Eating Plant-Based Food at a Vegan Festival in Mexico!

Did you know Guadalajara has a prominent vegan community? We didn’t…Until we attended the Vegan Festival in Mexico that is! There are actually hundreds of individuals in the city working hard to grow the presence of vegan food and products in Mexico. The Vegan Festival in Mexico We are so thankful that one of our YouTube … Read More

How to Get Pulled Over Repeatedly While Driving in Mexico

If planning a road trip through Mexico, you want to be properly prepared. In this post, we’ll teach you how to do everything you can to make sure the police pull you over constantly while driving in Mexico, providing maximum annoyance, hassle, and stories for your grandchildren. Look young and ignorant If you’re still young, … Read More

North Carolina: Southern Charm and the People You Won’t Forget

If you want to meet the most kind-hearted, genuinely loving people you’ll ever find, travel to North Carolina. I can’t say that I loved the food the most of any place I’ve been, the public transportation was one big perpetual headache, and the weather wasn’t always the greatest, but I’d forget about all of that … Read More

Portland, OR: The Food and Culture You Won’t Forget

In total contrast to the tone of my Chicago trip, Portland represents a brand new emotional attachment to the food (and food carts!), culture, people, weather, transportation, mood, and even the amazing water you can drink right out of the tap. Why I Love Portland So Much Before I get into the bulk FOOD portion … Read More

The First Stop on my Year of Travels: Laguna Beach, CA

Although California isn’t exactly leagues away from Tempe, AZ, it was still my first official road trip alone. To be more specific, a road trip where I wasn’t going to see family or friends. I went just because I had wanted to go to the beach for two years. The fact that no one could … Read More